What's the difference between a business address and a trading address?


I’m a little confused about all of this address business. I’ve been asked by one person for my business address, and asked by another for a trading address. Are these two items the same thing?



A business address and a trading address can be the same or they can be different, it’s up to you! Essentially, a business address is the address where a business can be contacted; a trading address is the address where a business carries out its trading activities.

Some businesses choose to set up a business address that is different from their trading address. There a number of reasons why people do this, such as:

  • The business trades from multiple premises but wishes to create a single contact address
  • The business is home-based and the person wishes to create a more professional appearance by setting up a different business address.
  • The trading address is in a remote or undesirable area
  • The trading address is based in another country
  • To establish a business presence in lots of different areas by setting up multiple business addresses.
  • To protect the privacy of the trading address

However, if you want to make your business address and trading address the same, you can go ahead and do that.

a year ago

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