Why do I need to display my service address?


So, I’ve just set up a limited company in London. A friend told me that I’ve got to display my director’s service address in certain places. But why? I would prefer to keep that as private as possible if I can do.

Porter Randall



Hi Porter,

You do not have to display your service address anywhere apart from the public register. Companies House will add these address details to the register when you set up your company and upon the appointment of any new director. For this reason, it is important that you notify Companies House immediately if you change your service address.

Your registered office address, on the other hand, must be stated on your company website, business letters and emails, order forms and invoices.

If you would prefer to keep your home address off public record, you should not use it as a service address or registered office. I would suggest setting up non-residential address services instead. Take a look at our professional Director’s Service Address and Registered Office Service for more information.

2 years ago

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