Do I need to disclose my business address to HMRC?


When I register a new company, will I be expected to hand over my business address to HMRC? I’m assuming the answer is yes, but I don’t know. That’s why I’ve turned the question over to you all! Thank you for your assistance.



When you set up a company, you have to provide an official contact address for Companies House. This address is known as a registered office, not a business address. Companies House will place this address on public record next to your company details and pass the information to HMRC - you do not have to contact HMRC to give them this address.

A business address is what you will use for your clients and general business contacts like banks, suppliers, etc. So it’s up to you who you give this information to. There is no need to give your business address details to Companies House, but if you register for any tax other than Corporation Tax - such as VAT, Self-Assessment, PAYE - HMRC will ask for a contact address or business address. In these instances, you can provide your business address, main trading address or registered office. It’s entirely up to you.

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