Do all LLPs need a business address?


I am an accountant, and will be forming an LLP with a mate. We’re going to be doing this virtually for the most part, and so we won’t technically require a physical business address. WIll we be permitted to form an LLP without one, or do all LLPs require a business address?



Regardless of where you will be working, you must provide an official contact address for Companies House. This is known as a ‘registered office’. The main purpose of this address is to receive statutory LLP mail from Companies House and HMRC. You can use any address you like as long as it is situated in your country of incorporation.

A ‘business address’, on the other hand, is entirely optional but you may find that your clients, general business contacts and certain departments within HMRC ask you for a business address as a means of contacting you in writing. Since you don’t have fixed business premises, you can use your home address or a professional business address.

a year ago

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