What sort of correspondence is sent to a business address?


I need a business address question answered. I was going to provide Companies House with a business address that we won’t actually spend much time at, so I might miss the odd bit of post that comes through. What actually does come through, does anybody know? Thanks.



A business address is typically used for receiving general business correspondence from clients, banks, suppliers, etc. It is not the same as a registered office, which is the official address you have to provide for Companies House.

A business address is optional for companies and LLPs, but it is usually an essential requirement for most. Sole traders and general partnerships, on the other hand, must provide a business address for HMRC.

Your company does not have to operates from its business address, nor does this address have to be the same as your registered office. You can use any address you like that is most convenient for receiving general business mail.

a year ago

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