What rules are there about using a registered office address?


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When it comes to company address stuff, I’m a complete blank slate. I get what a registered office is, but I am needing to know what rules there are about them. Like, for example, must it be in a certain place, a certain kind of address, so on and so forth.


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Hi Frank,

Registered offices confuse everyone, so don’t worry! The main registered office requirements you need to be aware of are:

  • It must be situated in the jurisdiction of incorporation - England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
  • It cannot be moved from the jurisdiction of incorporation.
  • You can only have one registered office address at a time.
  • You must use a physical address. PO Box numbers are not allowed, unless you provide the full address and postcode of the physical building in which the PO Box in situated.
  • Home addresses are permitted. If you rent your home, you should get permission from your landlord or housing association.
  • You can use someone else’s residential or commercial address as your registered office, as long as you have their permission.
  • You must disclose your registered office address on public record - Companies House will do this for you when you provide them with the address.
  • You must display your registered office address on all company websites, emails, letters, faxes, order form and invoices.
  • If you want to move your registered office to a different address, you must tell Companies House immediately.
  • You must display a sign with your company name at your registered office, unless you use a private residential property.

Take a look at our Registered Office Guide for more information.

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