Why would I want a registered office address in London?



All of these company formation agencies seem to boast non-stop about how fantastic their address services are, because you could have your registered office address based in London. Not great explanations as to why that’s beneficial, though. So, I open the floor to my web colleagues: why on earth would I want a registered office in London? What makes it so great?

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The main appeal of a London registered office is simply prestige. It will give the impression that your company is rather successful and a lot bigger or established than it may be in reality. This is simply because London addresses are so expensive. By using a registered office service in London, you get the benefit of a prominent company address without bankrupting yourself.

However, it’s all down to personal preference. Plenty of businesses are successful without the help of a London address. There are lots of other great places in England and Wales that may be better suited to some businesses. You just need to think about what create the biggest appeal to your customers. If you want to target people on a national or international level, a London address could be very advantageous.

a year ago

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