Can a Scottish business use a registered office address in Northern Ireland?


Shalom, world wide web. Query for you all about registered offices: as a Scottish company, would the government get fussy with me if I wanted to use a registered office address in Northern Ireland? Trust me, it makes sense for my logistically. But I feel that this is something Companies House wouldn’t want me to do. What are your thoughts?



The registered office address of a Scottish company must be situated in Scotland. There is no way around this, it is simply a legal requirement.

Your registered office is for statutory mailing and inspection purposes so it should not pose any logistical issue for your business - you can still set up a business address in Northern Ireland and use that as the primary contact address for your clients and other third parties.

Alternatively, you could register your company in Northern Ireland, set up a Registered Office Service with an address provider in Belfast and get your statutory mail forwarded to you in Scotland.

a year ago

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