What if my registered office address is in Welsh?



I’m super Welsh and super proud of it. In fact, the company I’m starting is all about preserving Welsh culture. I’d like to ultimately attain charitable status, but for now I will be applying for limited by guarantee status. As I’m filling in my application, I notice a potential issue. My address for my business is in Welsh. Will that pose a problem? Like, I could use Google translate and stick it in English, but then it wouldn’t really be accurate. What do I do?




Hi David,

Do not worry! Companies House provides a Welsh service for this very reason, so your address will be fine the way it is. If it’s preferable, you can continue to communicate with Companies House in Welsh and opt to receive bilingual correspondence back from them.

If you are interested in this, you will have to register for the Welsh Service. You must also ensure that you specifically state that your registered office is situated in Wales, rather ‘England and Wales’.

I hope this helps!

a year ago

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