How does my reputation benefit from purchasing a registered office address?


I lead a tiny publishing business from Aberdeen, where we do two rapidly-growing student magazines online. I would like to incorporate our business as a limited company, but I am stumbling on the registered office thing. I’ve seen online agents are saying I could benefit from a professional point-of-view if I use a registered office address from their firm. How does that work? Will I truly benefit?



A registered office service can be beneficial for many companies, particularly small businesses and those without dedicated trading premises. This type of address service is an extremely effective way to build trust, boost your professional image and impress clients because it will make your business appear more established and credible.

If the tables were turned, would you be more likely to use a company with a residential registered office, or a company with a commercial registered office in a major city? It’s all down to appearances. You’re still providing the same service to your clients, and the location of your registered office does not make your business better or worse, it just changes the way you are perceived by others.

a year ago

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