Can an English business use a Scottish registered office?


I’m incorporating a business on the English borders, and would like a registered office in Glasgow. It makes sense, as this is where most of my clients are based. But I’m technically still in England, and my clients are in Scotland. Am I okay to use a Scottish address as an English business, or will this get me into trouble?



Companies incorporated in the jurisdiction of England and Wales are only permitted to have a registered office in England or Wales, so you will not be able to use a Scottish address for your company.

You can still do all of your business in Scotland, regardless of where you set up your company, but it might make more sense to register your company in Scotland. The company formation process is exactly the same, the only difference being that you select ‘Scotland’ as your country of incorporation.

If you’d prefer to register your company in England, you could always set up a business address in Scotland. This is the contact address you would give to your clients.

a year ago

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