What information do I need to store at my registered office address?



I’ve been told that as part of your registered office obligations, you must keep certain files at your registered office in case the taxman or someone else comes knocking. Which files/records am I supposed to have handy at my registered office, exactly?

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You’re correct. You must keep a collection of registers at your registered office address. They are sometimes referred to as ‘statutory records’ or ‘statutory books’ and they include:

  • Register of members
  • Register of directors
  • Register of director's’ usual residential addresses
  • Register of secretaries (if one is appointed)
  • Meetings of board meetings and general meetings
  • Register of loans or mortgages secured against the company’s assets

These registers must be kept up to date at all times and made available to the public upon request, with the exception of the register of director’s addresses

Alternatively, you can keep these records at an alternate inspection address if it is more convenient for you. This is known as a ‘SAIL address’, or ‘Single Alternative Inspection Location’. It must be in the same country as your registered office.

Should you choose to use a SAIL address to keep some or all of these records, you must notify Companies House and tell them what records and being kept there.

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