How can a non-UK resident receive a UK registered office address?


I am a citizen of Kenya, and I have a plan to open a company in the United Kingdom. I am not a resident of the United Kingdom, I live in Kenya. I have been advised that I do not need to live in the United Kingdom to open a company, but I need a registered office address in the United Kingdom. How can a non-resident acquire such an address?




As a non-UK resident, you will have to purchase a registered office service to be able to use for your UK company. You can buy one of these address services online from a company formation agent.

Ideally, you should purchase a registered office address at the same time as setting up your company. This is the easiest solution and it will save you time. The official mail that is delivered to your registered office address will be forwarded to you in Kenya for a small additional postage charge in addition to your annual fee for the use of the address.

Take a look at our London Registered Office Service to find out more. This address service is suitable for companies incorporated in England and Wales.

2 years ago

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