Can I register a limited company for VAT without a UTR?


I have got a restaurant trading as a limited company (as of yesterday). I’m assuming that we need to register for VAT, but we still haven’t got our UTR. Is that a problem? Would prefer not to wait around for a UTR if possible.



That’s not a problem. Your UTR is for Corporation Tax and Company Tax Returns. To register for VAT, you just need to provide HMRC with:

  • Your company registration number - this is stated on the certificate of incorporation
  • Date of company formation - also stated on the certificate of incorporation.
  • The National Insurance number of the director who is completing the registration form on behalf of the company.
  • Company contact details
  • Expected VAT taxable turnover for the next 12 months.

You can find out more about VAT and register online here.

a year ago

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