Can I transfer my shares to a non-UK resident?


Question about shares for you all. I am retiring, and would like to transfer my shares in a limited company. The person I want to transfer them to, my mother, does not reside in the UK. Will this impact the transfer at all?



Yes, that’s allowed, you can transfer shares to someone who lives outside the UK. The transfer process is exactly the same as it is for UK residents:

Step 1 The transfer must be approved by the other shareholders or directors - check the articles of association and shareholders’ agreement to determine who has this power.

Step 2 Complete a Stock Transfer form. Retain a copy at the registered office address and provide a copy to the shareholder who sold their shares.

Step 3 Send the Stock Transfer from and Stamp Duty payment to HMRC, if required. The form will be stamped.

Step 4 Issue a share certificate to the new shareholder.

Step 5 Update the statutory register of members - add the new shareholder’s name and address and state how many shares they hold; update the share holdings of the person who sold the shares or, if they sold all of their shares, state the date that they ceased to be a member.

Step 6 When it is time to file your next annual return at Companies House, provide the required information about the new shareholder and the share transfer.

a year ago

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