What is a nominee officer?


I’m trying to figure out a bit more about companies and the whole formation process before I jump right in. Several of the websites I have visited make reference to ‘nominee officers’. Shareholders seem to be the big one, and directors, too. What exactly is a nominee officer? Could someone help me out?

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The term ‘officer’ refers to directors and secretaries, so a ‘nominee officer’ is the term given to someone who is appointed as a nominee director or secretary on behalf of the true director or secretary. Such appointments are in name only, so the true officer retains official control in the relevant capacity.

Nominees are normally used for the purpose of protecting the identity of someone who does not want their name on public record. This is entirely optional so there is no need to appoint a nominee if you are happy for your name to be publicly recorded as the director, secretary or shareholder of a company.

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