Why do companies use SAIL addresses?



I’m trying to form a limited company online, and I notice there’s a box on the site I’m using that asks if I’m using a SAIL address for my company. I’ve heard the term before, but I’m not too up on it. Why would a company want a SAIL address? Are there a lot of benefits to be had?


Isaac Beshore

Falkirk, Scotland



Hi Isaac,

The main reasons a company would use a SAIL address are for convenience and personal preference. You have to make your statutory company records available for inspection, and these would normally be kept at your registered office.

If it is more convenient to make these records available at a different location, or you are using your home as a registered office and do not want members of the public in your house, you would register another address as a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) instead.

If you do decide to use one, it must be in the same country as your registered office.

a year ago

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