What is a trading address?


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I would like to set up a limited company in Bath, but I’m a bit perplexed by all of this address stuff. I’ve been asked by one advisor if I was planning on using a trading address. Pardon the ignorance, but what exactly is a trading address?

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Hi Brandon,

A trading address is simply the place where your business conducts its activities. This could be your home or a dedicated business premises, but not all companies have an official trading address. It really depends what kind of business you are running.

The term ‘trading address’ is often used when referring to a business address, which is the main contact address where clients and other third parties can contact a business.

If you work from home, or you do not have a fixed trading or business address, you can buy a professional business address with mail forwarding. This is a really great way to boost your company image and legitimise your business activities.

a year ago

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