Do I need a trading address?


Hey, am wondering how trading address stuff works. A friend who already has a limited company recommended I use one, but I don’t know if I’m keen. Do I actually need one in order to operate? Cheers.



No, you are not legally required to have a trading address to set up a limited company. You only need a registered office address and a director’s service address.

Your trading address is simply where you carry out the majority of your business activities. Some businesses have commercial premises that can be used as a trading address. Some people, like contractors and consultants, do not have a fixed trading address because they usually work on their clients’ sites. People who work from home often use their home address as a trading address.

Whilst not a legal requirement, you will find that most people do end up requiring a trading address (or a ‘business address’, as it’s sometimes referred to) as a way for their customers and other professional contacts to get in touch. You would state this address on your website and stationery as the primary contact address for your business.

a year ago

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