What if someone asks to inspect my SAIL address?


Evening, I was curious about how SAIL addresses work. What happens if someone asks to inspect my SAIL address? Do I have to oblige, or are there rules about who can and cannot ask? And if they do have the right to access records, what will happen?



As per the Companies (Company Records) Regulations 2008, a private limited company must make its statutory company records available for inspection at its registered office or alternative inspection location (SAIL address) by any person who make a request to the company.

Any inspection request made by a person must stipulate the specified day on which they would like to inspect the records and at what time. In most cases, the company must be given at least 10 working days’ notice of this specified day. However, the required notice period is only 2 working days if it is given:

  • during the period of notice for a general meeting or a class meeting; or
  • where the company circulates a written resolution, during the period provided for in section 297(1) of the Act,

The specified day must be a working day - i.e. Monday to Friday, not a weekend day. The inspection can take place between 9am - 3pm. You must make the required records available for inspection for a minimum of 2 hours beginning at the time stated in the request.

You must permit the person to make a copy of the records if they wish to do so, but they cannot remove them from the premises and you are under no obligation to assist them with making a copy.

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