Can I purchase a SAIL address?


I’m keen on the idea of using a SAIL address to keep my company documents at, but I don’t really have anywhere handy that I can use. Could I purchase a SAIL address from somebody else to use, or is that illegal?



No, I’m afraid this type of address service is not available to purchase. You can buy a registered office service, which is the standard place for keeping statutory records; however, if you wish to keep your records at an alternative inspection location (i.e. a SAIL address), you will have to use your home address or some other type of address that you have permission to use - perhaps your business premises or your accountant’s address.

Whatever alternative address you choose, it must be situated in the same country as your registered office and you must tell Companies House. You can notify them via WebFiling using form AD02, or you can report the use of a SAIL address online through your company formation agent.

a year ago

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