When can I change my SAIL address?



I just incorporated a limited company last week, and registered a SAIL address as part of that application. I’m an idiot, and I need to change my SAIL address already. Are there rules about when I can and cannot change my address? For example, do I need to wait for a certain amount of time before I’m allowed to change it?




Don’t worry, you’re not an idiot! These things happen all the time. It’s easy to change this address and it won’t cost you anything, so no harm done.

You can change your SAIL address at any time by completing form AD02 and sending it to Companies House. You can fill out this form online via WebFiling, or you can download it and post it.

If you set up your company through an agent, you should also be able to change your SAIL address on their website by logging into your client account - this would be the quickest option.

Hope this helps! All the best.

a year ago

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