Why do I need a trading address?


Several friends of mine run companies, and they all have got registered trading addresses. Now, I’m starting my own company, and I’m wondering if I should sign one up. Why would I go about doing this? Do I actually need it?



There is no legal requirement for a limited company to have a trading address when it is set up, nor is there any need to provide one for Companies House. A trading address is simply the place where you carry out your business activities or wish to be contacted, so you would normally only use it for receiving correspondence from customers, service providers and banks, etc. It is not the same as a registered office.

In all likelihood, however, you will need a trading address. There are very few businesses that can do without one because otherwise there is no way for people to get in touch with your company. You will also find that HMRC asks for a trading address rather than a registered office.

You can use any address as a trading address, including your home address, registered office or a professional business address service with mail forwarding. If you use a business address service, your mail will be redirected to your home or work address without the need to disclose it to third parties.

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