Can I use someone else's trading address?


I am trying to set up a limited company, but it will be run from my home. I wouldn’t like to share that address with the whole world, and so I’d like to use someone else’s trading address for my new company. Can I do that?



Yes, you can use someone else’s trading address as your own if you have permission to do so. This type of service is also often referred to as a business address, a mailing address or a mail forwarding address. There are lots of businesses that offer this, including company formation agents, accountants, virtual office providers and business secretarial firms.

Typically, you will have to sign up and pay for the address service and arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your home or convenient address. If you have an accountant, it may be worth checking with them if you can use their address for this purpose. You may find that they allow you to do that free of charge.

a year ago

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