What if I don't want to use a trading address?


Afternoon, I’m starting a new app development company that will be run remotely from lots of different locations, depending on where our designers happen to be. So, we won’t all be based in one place that we’re actively trading at. My question, then, is what happens if we don’t want a trading address?



Companies are not legally required to have a trading address when they are set up at Companies House, but HMRC will ask you for a trading address when you sign up for taxes such as Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment, PAYE and VAT. You will also need to provide some sort of contact address for your customers, banks, suppliers, etc.

The good news is, you do not have to work from your trading address, and you can use any address you like (including your home) because it will not be placed on public record. The best solution for your company would be to set up a business address service with mail forwarding. You could even set up multiple business addresses in various places where you want like to establish a presence.

a year ago

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