Do I need to have a SIC code?



We are looking to register a new limited company. I’m not too sure about a SIC code, though - nothing seems to apply to what we’ve got planned. Can I just form a company without a SIC code?



Yes, you must provide a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code for Companies House to describe what your limited company does. You must choose the most appropriate code(s) (up to a maximum of 4) from the condensed list of SIC codes when you file an annual return, so you do not need to worry about this right now.

Your first annual return will not be due until 12 months and 28 days after company formation. If you cannot find a relevant SIC code when you are completing your annual return, you can provide a brief description and the most appropriate code will be chosen for you.

a year ago

It can be difficult to find the right SIC code for a company, for a newcomer choosing the right SIC code is no easy task. There are various tools out there like this one that can help you find the right SIC code

9 months ago

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