What is Companies House?



I need to turn my consultancy into a limited company. I have never created a limited company, and haven’t got the foggiest where to start. Apparently this needs to be done through Companies House? What is that? Pardon my ignorance!




Companies House is the official government body responsible for incorporating, dissolving and monitoring limited companies and limited liability partnerships in the UK. They are also referred to as the ‘Registrar of Companies’ and they have offices in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.

The Cardiff office is responsible for registering companies and LLPs in England and Wales; the Edinburgh office registers companies in Scotland; and the Belfast office is responsible for company registrations in Northern Ireland. The London office only provides search services for customers - company formations are not dealt with at that office.

Companies House discloses information about all existing and dissolved UK companies and LLP to the public on the official government register of companies.

Whilst the majority of company incorporations are now carried out online through approved formation agents, Companies House is the only body permitted to process and approve these applications. If you choose to set up a company through an agent, your application will be delivered to Companies House for approval after being checked by your agent.

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