Why do I have to file my annual returns with Companies House?


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Could somebody please let me know how to file an annual return with Companies House? I’ve been told it’s supposed to be super easy, but the Companies House site doesn’t do a great job of explaining it.




An annual return is required at least once every 12 months to confirm that the company details you have registered at Companies House are accurate and up to date. These details are disclosed on public record so it is important to ensure they are correct.

Filing an annual return is very easy and you can do it online or by post. Online filing is quicker, easier and cheaper, so I would recommend you file it that way. It will cost £13.00, whereas postal filing costs £40.00.

You can complete and file an online return through Companies House WebFiling using form AR01. If you registered your company through a formation agent, you also have the option of completing and submitting an annual return through your online client account.

To complete an annual return, you will have to provide the following details (where applicable) about your company:

  • Full registered name
  • Company number
  • Made up date of the return - This is the date on which the provided information is correct. Normally, the made up date should be the anniversary of company formation or the anniversary of the made up date of the previous return, but it can be earlier.
  • Company type
  • Registered office address
  • Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL address)
  • Directors’ details - Name, service address
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes - You must state between one and four SIC codes to describe the nature of your company’s main business activities.
  • Details of each director, secretary and shareholder/guarantor
  • Share capital - information about the shares your company has issued (applicable to limited by shares companies only)
  • Contact details of person completing the return

Once you have entered all of the required information, you should submit the form to Companies House. Most online submissions are processed within a few hours. You will receive an email notification when the return has been accepted and registered.

Please note: You cannot use an annual return to change any company details apart from shareholder information and share capital. The purpose of the return is simply to confirm the details that are already registered at Companies House. If you need to update any other details about your company, you must do this before filing the return. You will then confirm the new information on the return.

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