What is the Companies House Web Incorporation Service?


I would like to register a company. I’ve been told I can either do this via a formation agent or the Companies House Web Incorporation Service. I’ve got a pretty good working knowledge of the former. What is the latter all about?





Companies House Web Incorporation Service is a secure facility that allows company formation applications to be completed and submitted online. However, this service is only suitable if you want to register a private company limited by shares with Model articles of association.

It costs £15.00 to register a company through the Web Incorporation Service and most applications are approved within 24-48 hours. Customers receive their company registration documents by email.

I would recommend using a formation agent’s services instead of the Web Incorporation Service because it is quicker and easier to complete a company formation application that way. Most applications are approved in just a couple of hours. It’s also usually cheaper and you can get online and telephone assistance if need be.

a year ago

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