There is a mistake in shareholders details. How do I notify Companies House?


Help me!!!! I’ve messed up. I entered the wrong surname on my Companies House application for my limited by shares company. Now, my application has been approved, but my shareholder details are totally wrong. How can I get this changed??



The only way you can change shareholder details is by filing an annual return at Companies House. You can file an early annual return to change the error immediately, or you can wait until your annual return is due, which will be 12 months and 28 days after company formation.

The current shareholder details will remain on the public register until the information is updated on the annual return. You can file a return online via Companies House WebFiling or through software filing via your company formation agent. Both methods are straightforward and cost £13.00. Shareholder details will be updated within a few hours of submission.

a year ago

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