How do I update shareholder information with Companies House?


Good morning. Got a quick question about Companies House for you: say my company needs to update information about a shareholder (an address or something). How do I go about letting Companies House know? Is there a specific form or service I should be using for shareholder updates?



Shareholder information is updated by filing an annual return at Companies House. You can either submit an early annual return or you can wait until the next return is due to be filed.

You can deliver an annual return online or by post on Companies House form AR01. If you have an online account with a company formation agent, you can also use their free software filing service to complete and file an online return.

Online filing is cheaper and quicker - it costs £13.00 to file a return and it will be processed within a few hours. Postal returns cost £40 and will take a few days to be processed.

a year ago

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