Why do I need to send Companies House my company's annual accounts?


Hi there, I’ve got an enquiry relating to annual accounts. All limited companies are supposed to send these to Companies House, fine. But why? What do they use that information for? Thanks



Hi Charlie,

You must prepare annual accounts for Companies House and HMRC to report your company’s financial activity. Your accounts will state how much income your company has made and spent, what it owns and what it owes, and whether any tax is due to be paid to HMRC. Most companies, even small ones, use an accountant but you can prepare and file accounts yourself if you have the required knowledge.

The accounts you prepare for Companies House will be publicly available on the companies register. You must file accounts at the end of every financial year, which ends on your accounting reference date (ARD). The filing deadline is 9 months after the ARD. Smaller companies can file abbreviated accounts at Companies House.

The accounts you prepare for HMRC must be full statutory accounts and should be included with your Company Tax Return at the end of every Corporation Tax accounting period. The filing deadline for accounts and returns is 12 months after the end of the accounting period. These accounts are used to calculate how much Corporation Tax your company owes.

Dormant companies must file dormant company accounts at Companies House, but there is no requirement to file statutory accounts or tax returns for HMRC if the company has been dormant for its entire accounting period.

For further information about annual accounts and tax returns, please click here.

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