What types of businesses can I register using Companies House?



I am part of a collective of partners attempting to set up a new company. We’re currently split over which type of company we would like to incorporate, and so I was curious whether we are permitted to incorporate any type of company under the sun through Companies House, or whether there are any restrictions. Any ideas?

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Hi Charlie,

Companies House only register the following incorporated business structures:

  • Private company limited by shares
  • Private company limited by guarantee
  • Public limited company (PLC)
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Limited partnership (LP)
  • Private unlimited company with or without share capital
  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Overseas company
  • European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)
  • European public company Societas Europaea (SE)

Companies House is not responsible for registering sole traders or ordinary business partnerships. HMRC deals with the registration and administration of types of structures.

If you are keen to set up a business with other people, you can register a company or some form of partnership. There are a number of benefits to setting up a limited company or LLP because you and your business associates will enjoy limited liability, so your personal finances will be protected if the business fails or is sued.

I would strongly recommend consulting an accountant or professional business advisor to help you determine the best structure for your new business venture.

a year ago

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