What are the benefits of registering a company with Companies House?


Hi there! I’m mulling over company formation options - namely whether to incorporate using an agent versus going directly through Companies House. Are there tangible benefits I’ll receive by registering with Companies House?



In all honesty, there are no benefits to registering a limited company directly through Companies House as opposed to using a company formation agent. It is actually more efficient, straightforward and (in most cases) cheaper to incorporate through an agent because they enable Companies House to approve more applications in less time. This is because most of the necessary checks are automatically carried out before submission.

Formation agents essentially work in partnership with Companies House. Their approved and and secure eFiling software allows for all types of companies to be registered online, whereas Companies House Web Incorporation Service is more restrictive and is only suitable for registering a limited by shares company with Model articles. Agents can also offer ongoing help and support during and after registration, and many of them offer additional services and free business bank accounts.

If you choose to register through an agent, your application will be reviewed and submitted to Companies House for approval. Most applications are processed in just a few hours and companies are ready to trade immediately upon approval. Applications via Companies House Web Incorporation can take around 24 hours to be approved.

a year ago

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