What is Companies House WebFiling?


I am attempting to get started with forming a company through Companies House. I’m being pushed to set up with WebFiling. Nobody has really bothered to explain what it is, though. Could you please explain?



Companies House WebFiling service is a really good online facility that will allow you to manage and change your company details online, file accounts and returns electronically and sign up for eReminders when your filing deadlines are approaching. It is free to register and use this service (though some company changes do incur a filing fee).

You do not have to register for WebFiling if you do not want to, but it does offers many advantages over paper filing - it is significantly quicker and cheaper to file online; it is more secure; in-built checks and pre-populated data reduce the risk of forms being rejected; and you will receive automatic email acknowledgement when your submissions have been received.

a year ago

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