How can I set up eReminders with Companies House?


Evening, I would like to set up online reminders to help me keep tabs on my filing requirements with Companies House. I’m sure they do that sort of thing - does anybody know where I can sign up?



It’s a great idea to sign up for Companies House eReminder service and it’s very easy to do. If you are registered for WebFiling, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your WebFiling account
  • Select ‘Join eReminders’
  • Enter up to four email address where you would like reminders sent to
  • Validate the email from Companies House

If you have not yet registered your limited company for WebFiling, you will have to create an account and follow the above steps to get eReminders. To register for WebFiling you will have to provide an email address, create a password and request an authentication code. When the code has been delivered to your registered office, you can sign in and activate eReminders.

When you have joined eReminders, Companies House will send you email reminders when your annual accounts and annual returns are due to be filed, so there will be much less chance of forgetting these important tasks.

a year ago

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