Will Companies House inform HMRC if I make changes to my company?


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I’m keen to simplify the amount of paperwork I’m filling out online, which got me thinking: if I inform Companies House of a change at my company, will Companies House let HMRC know on my behalf - or do I have to send the same changes to HMRC, too?




Companies House will only notify HMRC about changes to your registered office address and SAIL address. You will be responsible for reporting all other changes to HMRC. This means you will have to contact each HMRC department that you and your company are registered with, which may include: Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, Self-Assessment and the Construction Industry Scheme.

With the exception of the Construction Industry Scheme, you can update your personal and contact details for all of your tax services and schemes by logging into your HMRC online accounts. You can call HMRC to update your details over the phone.

a year ago

Sadly not. HMRC are very bad at this and maintain multiple separate databases with address info and do not provide a single way to update them all.

If you can't use the online form (and if you have an accountancy firm do your returns, they may have the details and you won't, because HMRC send them directly to agents without also copying you in - meaning you won't have any way of logging in) then you need to submit a different paper form to each department you deal with (e.g. VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE, etc). You may need to follow up with each department to check it actually gets updated and you are not missing important correspondence.

The GOV.UK website does not link to all and you will probably need to phone up each department to get the details of what form you need to submit. I have tried to do this and was not able to change my business address over the phone.

6 months ago

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