Is there a way to register a UK company without applying to Companies House?


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My partner and I are trying to form a limited company, but he has had a bad experience in the past with Companies House, and wants to avoid dealing with them wherever possible. But is it actually possible to form a limited company in the UK without applying to Companies House?

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All company formations in the UK must be approved by Companies House - they are the only body that is permitted to do this. However, you do not have to deal directly with Companies House to set up a company. You can register a new company through an online formation agent instead.

You will be required to complete a simple online application form, which your agent will review and then file electronically at Companies House. The agent will liaise with Companies House on your behalf, making the entire process as easy as possible.

Most company formations are approved in less than a few hours. You will receive your incorporation documents by email as soon as your company has been registered and then you can start trading whenever you’re ready.

There is no need to worry about additional expenses - most company formation agents are competitively priced with cheaper incorporation services than Companies House.

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