What if Companies House refuses my application?


Question! I know that Companies House is a bit funny about what you name a company, and might even refuse your formation application because of it. Our name of choice we’ll be applying with is a bit risky I think, so I’m preparing for the worst. What will happen if Companies House refuses my application?



If your company formation application is rejected by Companies House, you will be notified by email or post - it depends on the method of incorporation you use. You will be given an explanation for why your application was rejected and told how to rectify the situation.

If the rejection is caused by your choice of company name, you may have to choose a new name and resubmit your application. If you are asked to provide supporting documentation for the use of a sensitive word or expression in your proposed company name, you will have to include this when you submit your application.

In the event of having to resubmit an application, it would be best to do so online. Postal applications take much longer to process, whereas online applications are processed within a few hours so you will informed quickly if your registration is rejected or you require providing additional information.

a year ago

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