What is the Companies House Welsh Service?


Prynhawn Da

We’re setting up a startup in Wales. It’s a cultural preservation venture we’d like to set up as a limited by guarantee company. I’ve been told Companies House has a Welsh Service - what exactly is it? Can I submit forms in Welsh using this service?


Cormoran H.



Hi Cormoran,

Companies House Welsh Service is a bilingual service available to limited companies and LLPs registered in Wales with a registered office situated in Wales (as opposed to ‘England and Wales’).

By registering for this free service you will be able to communicate with Companies House in Welsh, rather than English, receive bilingual correspondence and speak to Companies House agents in Welsh. You will also get access to a Welsh language version of Companies House WebFiling Service.

To register for the Welsh service, you must email or write to Companies House at:

Welsh Service & Policy Advisor 
Customer Services 
Companies house 
Crown Way 
CF14 3UZ


Please state the following information in your email or letter: company name; company registration number; your full name and the capacity in which you act for the company.

To find out more about this service, please click here.

a year ago

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