Are there rules about who can and cannot use Companies House WebFiling?



Trying to wrap my thick skull round Companies House WebFiling. I know they can be funny about who they let do things, so I was curious whether there are any rules about who is allowed to use WebFiling. Are you aware of any?




Companies House WebFiling Service can be used by all limited companies with registration numbers starting with:

  • 0 (‘zero’)
  • NI
  • RO
  • SC
  • OC
  • SO
  • NC

If you have an LLP in Northern Ireland with a registration number beginning with ‘NILLP’, you must follow this sign in procedure to use WebFiling:

  • Select Northern Ireland as your country of registration.
  • Enter your registration number minus ‘NILLP’, or replace the prefix with ‘NC’.
  • Enter your authentication code, or request one if you are creating an account for the first time.

This is just an interim measure - Companies House is in the process of updating the system to accept the NILLP prefix.

  • You cannot use WebFiling if your company or LLP is dissolved, converted or closed. Furthermore, you cannot file an annual return through WebFiling if any of the following applies to your company:
  • Has 1,000 or more individual or joint shareholders
  • Required to submit lists of subsidiary and associated undertakings
  • Has multiple paid or unpaid capital details within the same class of share
  • Has paid or unpaid capital details of a different currency from the class of share
  • Has more than an aggregate nominal share value of up to 12 whole numbers and 3 decimal places
  • Has more than a paid or unpaid share value of up to 9 whole numbers and 6 decimal places
  • Needs to transfer more than 30 individual share transfers per class within a single WebFiling session
  • Has more than 6 classes of share currency (also applies to SH01)
  • Has more than 10 joint shareholders per shareholding
  • Needs to input more than 255 changes within a single WebFiling session

Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and Community Interest Companies (CICs) cannot use WebFiling to submit annual accounts.

If you need to carry out bulk filing for your company, you should use Software Filing instead of WebFiling. You can access Software Filing through your company formation agent or third-party software provider.

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