What is Companies House Beta?


Please assist me: what is Companies House Beta? I have no clue, but a friend has advised me this is a service that I am in need of. Why?



Companies House Beta Service is a online data facility. It allows the public to view and download company information free of charge, and there is no need to register to use it. The Beta Service currently offers the following features:

  • Company overviews - company name and registration number, company type, registered office address, company status, incorporation date.
  • The nature of the business - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.
  • Previous company names and dates of name changes.
  • Last filing date of accounts and annual returns.
  • Filing due date for next accounts and annual returns.
  • Full filing history - i.e. appointments, termination of appointments, change of company addresses, change of company name, change of officer’s details, incorporation documents, annual accounts and annual returns.
  • Current and resigned officers.
  • Officer searching.
  • Document images.
  • Mortgage charge data.
  • Insolvency data.

The service is in its trial stage so the following search features will also be introduced in the near future:

  • Disqualified directors
  • Company monitoring
  • Company name availability
  • Dissolved companies
  • Overseas data

One of the great things about this service, apart from the fact it is free and incredibly simple to use, is that it allows you to search for company information by entering a company name, a company number or an officer’s name. This makes it much easier to find the right information is less time.

Another service you should check out is Companies House WebFiling. It is free to use and allows you to change your company details online, file accounts and annual returns and set up eReminders to get email notifications when your filing deadlines are approaching. You can register for WebFiling here.

a year ago

Whay is the last date for filing annual accounts and returns ?

7 months ago

What is the last date for filing annual accounts and returns ? Is there are a penalty for lateness?

7 months ago

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