What happens to the documents delivered to Companies House?



When I send documents to Companies House, what happens to them? Do they get processed and then stay there forever, will they be sent back to my registered office, or what? Just curious, really.




Hi Kian,

When you file paper documents and forms at Companies House, they will be scanned and stored as an electronic image. Most documents are then available to view on public record through WebCHeck, the Beta Service and Companies House Direct (CHD).

The original paper document will also be kept and stored - it will not be returned to you, so you should make a copy before sending it. Alternatively, you can access and download and electronic copy of your documents via one of the online service mentioned, but only if the document is accessible through those services.

To read Companies House guidelines on how to set out documents for filing, please refer to chapter 4 of this guide.

a year ago

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