How do I use Companies House Beta?


Hi, I would like to try Companies House Beta. But the site doesn’t really have suitable instructions. Could someone more skilled in this programme please let me know how I am intended to use it? Thank you.


You can access Companies House Beta database here: . Just enter your search keywords like you would do on Google. You will be able to view all publicly available company's information (incorporation documents, annual return information, officer assignments, etc.)

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Companies House Beta Service is really easy to use. There is no need to register or create an account in order to use it - you simply have to enter a company name, company number or officer’s name to access and download free data about your own company and the 3 million other companies on the register. It is also now possible to create an account on Beta and change your registered office address through the service.

The following information is available through the Beta Service:

  • Basic company details - registration number, company type, registered office address, company status, date of incorporation.
  • Nature of business activities - SIC codes.
  • Company name changes
  • Previous and future filing dates for accounts and returns
  • Full filing history - i.e. officer appointments and terminations, change of company details, company incorporation documents, annual accounts and annual returns.
  • Past and present officers.
  • Officer searching.
  • Document images.
  • Mortgage charge data.
  • Insolvency data.

Companies House also plans to introduce the following search features:

  • Disqualified directors
  • Company monitoring
  • Company name availability
  • Dissolved companies
  • Overseas data

When you start typing in the search box, the closest matching company data will appear below in a list format. These autocomplete results are really useful, especially if you forget the full name of a company or officer that you’re looking for.

If you want to view or download any of the 170 million scanned company documents on the system, select ‘Filing History’ from the menu bar and click ‘View PDF’ next to the document you wish to access. You can then download and save it to your computer.

To start using Companies House Beta, click here. If you feel that improvements could be made to the service, you can give your feedback to Companies House on the Beta page - perhaps you could suggest improving their instructions!

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