What is a return of allotment of shares?



I am researching forming a limited by shares company, and have no idea what a return of allotment of shares is. Please help?




A ‘Return of Allotment of Shares’ is the name of the Companies House form you must complete and file if you want to issue more shares in your limited company. You will only have to deal with this form if you want to create new shares after company formation, so there is no need to worry about this just now.

If you do decide that you need to issue more shares after your company has been set up, you can complete the Return of Allotment of Shares (form SH01) online or on paper. It must be delivered to Companies House within 1 month.

You will be required to provide the following information on the form:

  • Company name and registration number
  • Date(s) on which new shares are issues
  • Class, quantity and value of new shares
  • Amount paid for shares, or amount due to be paid for shares
  • Details of any non-cash payments taken for shares
  • A statement of capital to include the new shares
  • Director’s signature or ‘consent to act’ confirmation

Companies House will update your company details on the public register when the form has been received and processed. You will update shareholder details on the next annual return.

To read the official Companies House guidance on completing and filing this form, please click here.

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