Does my business bank account need to be based in the UK?



I am a non-UK resident who will be opening a limited company in London. As I am based in Greece, I would very much prefer to use a business bank account in my home country rather than in the UK. Is this possible?

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Hi there,

Yes, that’s absolutely fine. You can open a business bank account in your country of residence, but you will have to get your company incorporation documents legalised to confirm for your Greek bank that your company legally exists. This is standard procedure so it’s nothing to be concerned about.

You can get your certificate of incorporation and the memorandum and articles of association legalised, or ‘apostilled’, by the Legalisation Office in the UK. This process involves having your company documents authenticated by a Notary Public. Once this has been done, the Legalisation Office will issue an apostille certificate for each document.

The apostille certificates should be attached to the verified documents and presented to your bank in Greece when you apply to open a bank account. Apostilles are recognised and accepted in all countries that are party to the Hague Convention, which includes Greece.

To find out how and where to get your documents legalised, please click here.

a year ago

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