Can I register a financial consultancy firm in UK while living in UAE?


HI - I am Pakistani national living and working in UAE - I am in the middle of starting up a digital ad agency for UAE market. I would like to add another activity of Financial consultancy service, for example, Forex trading research and advise & introducing broker - I am not going to do any transaction, neither will do any kind of financial settlement - My revenue stream would be to get service charges for forex trading research and commission from broker to introduce client.

I can't add this activity to my existing UAE based license because it is Marketing & Management consultancy service. I request you to send me the details If I can register a financial consultancy service and operate it from Dubai.

Your help would be appreciated,





Hi Ali,

Thanks for your message.

You can most certainly register a UK limited company online and operate it from Dubai. Lots of non-residents set up companies in the UK. However, I would urge you to speak to an accountant or professional advisor beforehand because you need to make yourself aware of the tax implications and requirements when operating a UK limited company from abroad.



a year ago

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