How do I know which business bank account is right for me?


Hi guys, I need some information. I have just registered a new limited by shares company and should now open a business bank account for that company. Could somebody please let me know what I should be looking for? I need to know, namely, what sort of guidance I should be thinking about in order to assess whether a given account is right for me.



You should be looking what introductory offers are available for startups and new account holders - cashback rewards, interest-free periods, free banking (i.e. no monthly fees), monthly fees and interest rates after the introductory period ends, internet and mobile banking options, credit check requirements, deposit and withdrawal limits, business help and advice, etc.

If you are worried about your credit rating or have been refused an account due to bad credit, you should look at CardOne and CashPlus - applicants are not subject to credit checks.

There are plenty of good comparison sites that provide impartial advice and reviews of current offers on the market. I would suggest looking at, Moneysupermarket and MoneySavingExpert. You could also book an appointment at your own bank to see what they can offer.

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