What company type would be most suitable for a construction firm?



I would like to start a new construction firm in Sunderland. We will be doing residential properties on a relatively small scale. Could you please advise which company structure I should incorporate this business as? I was planning on doing this online as soon as possible, so any advice is welcome.




You should register a limited by shares company. This type of company is suitable for profit-making businesses and will provide you with limited liability for business debts and claims, which is an important benefit if you are working in a field such as construction where high risk activities are being carried out. Protecting your personal finances is vital.

You can set up a limited company online by completing an application form through Companies House or a company formation agent. An agent is the best option because your application can be filled out in five minutes and will be approved by Companies House in around 3 hours.

To find out more about the benefits of a limited company and the registration process, please click here.

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