Which company structure would be best for an energy co-operative?


We are attempting to form an energy cooperative in Bristol. Before incorporating, we’d like to know what our options are, especially regarding corporate structures. Could someone please tell me what type of company structure they would recommend we pursue for an energy co-operative?



If you’re looking to set up a cooperative organisation, you may be best registering a limited by guarantee company. This structure is recommended for non-profit ventures in which all revenues are put back into the business rather than being shared amongst the owners.

The company can be owned by any number of people. They will be known as guarantors and they will be required to guarantee a sum of money to the company in the event of its insolvency. This means that you will be able to protect your personal assets from being seized to pay company debts.

I would suggest speaking to a specialist business advisor or accountant for expert advice on your new business before going any further.

a year ago

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